Welcome to Embroidery Gatherings!

Welcome to Embroidery Gatherings

I’m so glad you’re here. If you love embroidery and are looking for help to learn digitizing, embroidery tips, and creative inspiration you’ve come to the right place.

Embroidery Gatherings is here to help make you be the most productive, most creative digitizer you can be, using the Floriani FTCU embroidery software.

I want to share what I’ve learned as a digitizer in a simple, helpful way. I try to write lessons about digitizing that I would would want to see as a beginner.

Embroidery Gatherings Lessons

I invite you to check out all of the FTCU beginner lessons that I have posted HERE. I hope they will be helpful to you as you work on learning to digitize your own embroidery designs. Once you have learned how to use the FTCU basic stitch tools, then you can try some of the “mini” practice lessons that are posted HERE.

You can receive a pdf copy of any of these lessons by filling out the form at the bottom of the lesson page and it will be emailed to you.

Need More Help?

Do you need help learning to trace your designs with Floriani FTCU?

I post lessons here on this website and also in my Embroidery Gatherings Membership Club.

In the membership, there are over 75 step-by-step written lessons and videos to help you learn to digitize and edit your own embroidery designs using the FTCU software. The lessons will also show you how to resize and edit purchased designs as well as explain lots of “how to do” questions.

All of the lessons are self-paced written lessons that have a pdf download and you can watch the videos as many times as you would like.

Join the Embroidery Gatherings Membership Club and learn to digitize with Floriani FTCU

When you join, your membership is a Lifetime Membership and anytime you have digitizing questions, you can contact me at: paula@embroiderygatherings.com. Your questions are important to me and I will send you an answer ASAP

Who I am

My name is Paula and I am an embroidery digitizing enthusiast. I have an elementary teaching and retail background. But these days you can find me in my studio creating new tutorials, embroidery designs and patterns. Some people might describe it as “following your passion”.

I have spent the last 15 years teaching myself to digitize and consuming every bit of information I can about machine embroidery. And, that’s why I have created Embroidery Gatherings.

Where you can find Me

Pinterest is my social media of choice and you can find me pinning everything embroidery related over on the Embroidery Gatherings Pinterest page.

Contact Me

I love questions! They help me to know what you need help with and what lessons I should create next.  Have a question for me?  Here’s my contact form.

Thank you for visiting Embroidery Gatherings!

I am so happy to have you visit my Embroidery Gatherings website. I hope that I can help you learn embroidery digitizing with Floriani FTCU.

And I hope that we become good friends along the way!

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2 thoughts on “Welcome to Embroidery Gatherings!”

  1. I just found your site and am so glad that you work with FTCU. I have had it for quite a while but can’t get very far so I’m hoping your tutorials will help me learn
    I would also like to sign up for your emails—–warden1951@cox.net

    Thank you for this site. Can’t wait to start learning FTCU

    1. Hi Pam,
      Glad that you like the tutorials. You can add your name to the email list by signing up and downloading any of the tutorials. Just choose any tutorial on the website that you like. Scroll to the bottom of the tutorial and sign up for the free PDF download. That will add your name to the email list and then you will receive an email each time I post a new tutorial. Thanks for your interest and I hope they help you.

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