new to floriani FTCU

Overwhelmed? Confused? Not sure where to start?

Follow this plan

Embroidery Gatherings - Learn Embroidery Digitizing with Floriani FTCU embroidery software. Step by step tutorials, photos, videos and pdf downloads for each tutorial.

Hi, my name is Paula.

I am so glad you are here because that means that you are interested in learning how to digitize with Floriani FTCU.

Almost every day, I receive an email from someone saying they have bought the FLORIANI FTCU program and “I want to learn to digitize, but don’t know where to start”. 

Or, “what should I do first?

 And,  “I am so overwhelmed!”

I completely understand how you feel.

That’s how I felt  8 years ago when I bought the software.

So, here is a step by step plan, that I have created, for you to follow.

It’s all the things I wish I would have known when I started!  I hope it helps!

Let's Get Started!

Get Familiar with the Basic Features of FTCU

step-one learning FTCU

This tutorial is an overview of  FTCU and will give a general explanation all the basic features that you will use when you first start to digitize.

Read this and learn about:

  • the basic workspace tools
  • the basic skills for digitizing
  • 5 basic digitizing steps
  • links to all the BEGINNER tutorials
  • print this tutorial – use as a reference guide

Learn the

Basic Stitch Tools

step-two basic FTCU stitch tutorials

Work through each these tutorials to learn the basics of how to use the manual stitch tools to digitize and edit a design.

Practice each of these:

  • run stitch tool
  • satin stitch tool 
  • fill stitch tool
  • applique tool
  • editing tools
  • saving a design tools
  • how to create a digitizing plan

Practice Makes Perfect!

step-three FTCU practice tutorials

Use these tutorials to practice your digitizing skills. Step by step directions to digitize a real design. Each lesson focuses on a specific skill.

Practice Lessons:

  • lesson 1 – run stitch
  • lesson 2 – fill stitch
  • lesson 3 – text tool
  • lesson 4- fill stitch/add a hole
  • lesson 5 – applique
  • and many more!