Machine Embroidery in 6 Easy Lessons Book with Tools By Eileen Roche


  • ★ Book Machine Embroidery in Six Easy Lessons
  • ★ Includes Angle Finder, Centering Ruler
  • ★ Target Ruler, Target Stickers
  • ★ CD Not included

Discover the ins and outs of embroidery from the embroidery industry’s leading expert, Eileen Roche More details from our Sewing Advisors:◦Machine Embroidery in 6 Easy Lessons Book with Tools(MEB0010)◦Learn to avoid the pitfalls and common mistakes that can ruin an embroidery project ◦Eileen demystifies embroidery by breaking the process down into easy to follow lessons including many useful tips and techniques ◦Book includes 4 essential tools: angle finder, centering ruler, target ruler, and target stickers ◦Six easy to follow lessons include:◦Beginning basics covers the top six machine features required to make machine embroidery doable and basic supplies needed ◦Embroidery designs helps one understand the basic elements of every embroidery design to assist in the selection of stabilizers and fabrics ◦Placement covers techniques for perfect placement on common projects ◦Hooping discusses different hooping techniques and tools for a perfect embroidery design ◦Stitching covers some fine-tuning items that should be done just prior to stitching out the design ◦Finishing, the final lesson, includes critiquing, trimming threads, removing the stabilizer, and pressing ◦Full color photographs and illustrations ◦Step-by-step instructions ◦Soft cover, 64 page book by Eileen Roche ◦Essential tools:◦Angle Finder: Determines the exact rotation necessary for any design to be stitched accurately in the hoop ◦Centering Ruler: 12″ ruler measures left and right from the center to easily locate the center of any area in the hoop ◦Target Ruler: 6″ x 6″ ruler measures from the center out (in four directions) with an open hole at the center to place a target sticker ◦Target stickers: Sheet of pressure-sensitive adhesive stickers with cross-hairs for hoop alignment; 15 round (3/4″ diameter), and 5 text (3/4″ x 4)

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