Liliane Collection Red Kitchen Dish Towels (13 pack)


  • Softer: We use a 2-ply cotton yarn that results in a softer finish and a more detailed herringbone texture.
  • Quality: Weaved in a quality rapier loom for more consistent quality
  • Larger: 15×27 inches
  • Details: Hemmed on all sides, inspected before packaging and shipped in heat-sealed bags
  • Colorful: We develop new bleach-safe colors to match your decor

Commercial Quality Towels

Strong, durable and bleach-safe

Our company has been a linen supplier to the restaurant and hotel industry. Based on feedback from commercial customers, we decided to expand our line of commercial towels with a line specifically designed for homes.

  • 100% Cotton Towels Are Highly Absorbent, Fast Drying and Produce Minimal Lint.
  • Imported
  • Quality You Can Trust: The Liliane Collection Kitchen Towels are manufactured to our company’s exacting standards to provide you, the home consumer, with the benefits of commercial dish towels at the quality that you expect in your home.
  • Commercial Quality: We started with a great commercial kitchen towel that meets the following needs: (1) 100% Cotton; (2) Herringbone Weave; (3) Bleach Safe; (4) Spot Free Drying; (5) Lint Free; (6) Quick Drying; (7) Absorbent. These qualities make our towels ideal restaurants, hotels, bars and offices.
  • Best Quality: Unlike lesser towels, Liliane Collection towels are weaved using 2-ply cotton on a rapier weaving machine for a more consistent fabric and better hand feel. Our towels are hemmed in all four sides and are about 2 inches longer than our competitors’.
  • Colors That Match Your Needs: We make our towels in six colorful models: Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Pink and Tan (NEW). Simply click on “by Liliane Collection” below the title at the top of the page to see all the available models.
  • Confidence You Can Depend On: Shop with confidence with Liliane Collection’s 30-day no questions asked money-back guarantee.
  • 100% Cotton Towels Are Highly Absorbent, Fast Drying and Produce Minimal Lint.