Embroidery Business from Home: Business model and digitizing training course


The second Volume of the “Embroidery Business from Home” course, is designed to

  • train you in digitizing embroidery designs
  • help you calculate cost of embroideries in detail, in order to set end user prices.
  • You will first learn about basic digitizing like running and satin stitch, underlay, density and many other terms which are the basics in creating your first embroidery design and edit it whenever you need to.
  • You will also learn about the 12 steps to follow in order to create an embroidery design.

More than 50 images, tables, charts and pictures in order to help you fully understand the training. The author has created and included many screen captures of the various functions explained in this book, so you will have the chance to see how an embroidery software works before you even buy one! Apart from that, you will be able to understand how the embroidery machine embroiders specific designs, by video simulating them in the training videos available.