Looking for SNAPS for your Tags?

Not all SNAPS are created equal!
These are the BEST snaps to use for your
 In the Hoop tags!

20 Color Starter Pack

Set Includes:

200 KAMsnaps |  Snap Press Pliers | Plastic Snap-On Buttons Fasteners Installation punch tool |  Attachment Setting Tool

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Here are some additional supplies for your Snap Tags!

Swival Lanyard Clasp

swival lanyard clasp-60 pcs

  • Perfect Size – 1 3/5″ x 1 1/5″ 
  • D ring inner width is 1 inch.
  • Rotatable Hook 
  • Heavy Duty Quality 
  • Great Value – package includes 60 swivel clasps.

KAMsnap Shapes

Kamsnap shapes 150 sets


  • 150 complete sets of KAM plastic snaps 
  • size 20 standard length
  • 10 sets per color
  • 1 set = 1 shaped cap, 1 round cap, 1 socket, 1 stud

And here is a Tutorial to help you Digitize your Snap Tags with Floriani FTCU!

How to digitize Snap tags

  • step by step written tutorial with photos
  • FREE pdf download
  • supply list
  • sewing instructions