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Embroidery Gatherings FTCU Digitizing Practice Challenge - Santa Owl

Digitizing Practice – Santa Owl

The Christmas season has arrived! Have fun practicing your FTCU digitizing skills with this cute Santa Owl.

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Download the image from your email and use your creativity to trace and digitize however you would like.  The PDF guide will give you some suggestions and tips to try.

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Digitizing Tips:

Decide the order of the “layers” and create your digitizing plan accordingly.

Remember, that the image is just a “guide”. When you are tracing, use your own creativity to decide whether to trace the image exactly as it is, or adjust to your own liking.

It is always a good idea to remove the fill stitches of any overlapping layers so that your design is not so dense with unnecessary stitches. You can do that by selecting the shape that is on top by right clicking on it in the sequence view and in the menu, choose Remove Overlapping Stitches.

You may want to try and outline some of the areas for some added interest to your design.

Here are some more tips:

Create A Digitizing Plan:

Decide which shapes to trace first – look at the image and think of it as layers. Trace the layers in back first. Trace the shapes that should stitch first and leave the details for last.

Here are some suggestions for tracing this image:

  • red wings and hat
  • grey body
  • green stomach
  • white hat – pompom – eyes
  • black eyes
  • feet – nose

Determine The Stitch Tools For Each Shape:

Consider what stitch to use for tracing each shape. Here are some suggestions for this image:

  • wings- fill
  • body – fill
  • stomach – fill
  • white hat – pompom – fill
  • black eyes -fill
  • feet – nose – fill

Digitizing Steps:

Follow these 5 digitizing steps for each shape, as a guide, to get you started.

If you need help with digitizing the design,  join the Embroidery Gatherings Facebook group and ask your questions, anytime.

Note: this image does not partner with any particular lesson. These practices are to encourage you to practice your digitizing skills on your own. And, to practice often!

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