digitizing practice august watermelon

Digitizing Practice – August Watermelon

New Floriani FTCU Digitizing Practice! Welcome in the month of August by practicing your digitizing with this refreshing watermelon design.

FTCU digitizing practice watermelon

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Download the image from your email and use your creativity to trace and digitize the image, however you would like.

The PDF guide will include a numbered digitizing plan and suggestions and tips for tracing the image.

Create A Digitizing Plan

Decide which shapes to trace first – look at the image and think of it as layers. Trace the layers in back first. Trace the shapes that should stitch first and leave the details for last.

3 planning steps diagram for floriani FTCU

Digitizing suggestions

The following notes are a few suggestions to help you follow a digitizing plan for this image.

These notes include the order in which I suggest you trace the shapes and the stitch tools that would be the most appropriate for the that shape.

Of course, I encourage you to use your creativity and use whatever stitch and thread colors that you would prefer! That is the benefit of digitizing our own designs. No two will ever be the same!

Digitizing Plan:

Here is a suggested digitizing plan for you to follow:

Watermelon – red

  • trace the inside of the watermelon using the Fill Stitch tool
  • edit the shape as needed

flourish – red

  • trace the flourish shape using the Fill Stitch tool
  • edit the shape as needed

inner rind – med. green

  • trace the inside rind of the watermelon using the Fill Stitch tool
  • edit the shape as needed

outer rind – lt. green

  • trace the outer rind of the watermelon using the Fill Stitch tool
  • edit the shape as needed

accent – white

  • trace the white accent line using the Satin Stitch Tool
  • edit the shape as needed

flourish – yellow and orange

  • trace the flourishes shape using the Fill Stitch tool and the appropriate thread color
  • edit the shape as needed


  • use the Text tool to create the August text
  • choose a font – use a True Type font that you like or the FTCU Locklsey font is similar to this font

watermelon seeds

  • use the Satin Tool to trace one of the watermelon seeds
  • copy and paste to create the rest of the seeds
  • edit the placement as needed


Digitizing Steps

Follow these 4 digitizing steps for each shape, as a guide, to get you started.

4 digitizing steps diagram for Floriani FTCU


Need help?

Here are two ways to get the help you need to digitize your own designs.

  1. Have a digitizing question?

Join the Embroidery Gatherings Facebook group and ask your questions, anytime.

  1. To receive lots of extra TLC with FTCU digitizing….

You can get digitizing help by joining our Embroidery Gatherings Membership Club. There are over 75 step-by-step written lessons and videos to help you learn to digitize your own embroidery designs using the FTCU software. We can also create a personalized “journey” for you to learn to digitize!

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Join the Embroidery Gatherings Membership Club and learn to digitize with Floriani FTCU

Share your design!

After you have finished, you are welcome to share your design image with our Embroidery Gatherings Facebook group. We would love to see your creativity!

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