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how to find the missing Apply button in Floriani FTCU

How to find the Apply button in Floriani FTCU

Are you able to find the Apply Button in your Floriani FTCU digitizing program?

Anytime you open your Floriani FTCU software program, you most likely will not see the APPLY button in the properties box.

There are two reasons for this:

  1. the default software settings done by the programmers and
  2. the properties box is not engaged and not visible until you select a Digitizing Tool

Adjust the workspace to find the Apply Button

You will need to adjust the workspace to be able to use the Apply button to set changes in the Properties box. And, each time you open the program, you will need to adjust your workspace to be able to use the APPLY button. The adjustment you make does not retain itself when you close the program.

This is what you will see when you open the program:

Engage the Properties Box

Notice that the tab in the Properties box says “Design Notes”. You will not be able to adjust the screen to get the Apply button while it is in this mode. You must first choose a stitch tool to engage the Properties tabs and make them visible.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • after opening the FTCU program, click on the NEW page icon on the top left toolbar (now the tools should no longer be greyed out)
  • left click on the arrow beside the Digitizing Tools icon on the top toolbar
  • in the dropdown menu, select ANY of the stitch tools (it doesn’t matter which one you choose because you can change it later)

Now, the Properties box will be visible and show the properties tabs based on the Stitch Tool that you choose.

  • hover over the top edge of the Sequence view box until you see an icon with two small bars and an arrow pointing up and down

  • once you see the icon, left click and drag the line DOWN until you see the APPLY button

Keep in mind that you will need to repeat this adjustment each time you open your FTCU program.

Workspace Preferences

Below is another helpful suggestion for setting up your workspace preferences. I find that these FTCU settings are the best for FTCU users who are just learning to use the software. Later, you can adjust the preferences for more advanced options when you become more familiar with how the basic stitch tools operate.

IMPORTANT: Set your FTCU PREFERENCES to match the Embroidery Gatherings tutorials before you begin digitizing.

Here is how to set your FTCU preferences:

  1. click on TOOLS (on the top toolbar)
  2. click PREFERENCES from the bottom of the list
  3. select each of the following tabs and change the settings as directed
  4. ENVIRONMENT tab > uncheck Automatically Create Selected Paths
  5. VIEW tab > uncheck ALL boxes except the first one (highlight selection)
  6. DIGITIZING tab > set ALL the stitch modes to STANDARD
  7. click OK to set the changes

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